Frozen Midnight

More ghouls

why did it have to be ghouls

There we are stuck at the top of the stairs with a trap on the top stair. And a bunch of ghouls hooting in the dark. Great.

When they figure out that no one is stuck in the trap they run off. I try to trick them back over with my excellent oratory but they are having none of it.

We leap over the now exposed trap and kill the remaining ghoul.

There is a skeleton covered in red bugs sitting at a table. He has a stack of cards in front of him. That has to be a good thing, right? There’s an ace of spades right on top of that deck! I grab the card and immediately feel rather weak. Hmm. That seems kind of rotten. I mean, leaving the deck out there all enticingly. And then it’s terrible card. Huh.

Maybe I should take another?

But no, the party beckons me to jump across the pit trap. I follow the ginger orc. Too closely as we both tumble into the pit. Ouch!

Mecklor joins us in the pit and then climbs up to the top easily and gets out. Hmmm. How does that work. He promptly gets attacked by one or more ghouls. I back into a corner and take a shot at the elbow of one. There’s a furious battle and ghouls end up on the losing side of it surprisingly.

We proceed deeper into the dungeon.

We find a big room with a stone table. And in the table we find a bunch of vials that are apparently full of embalming fluid. Yuck. There isn’t anything else there. So we move south.

Into a cavern where a rat like lady is feeding a bunch of rats. A river runs across the room. I talk to the woman and she wants to know if we want to trade for rations or torches. I’m surprised at the quality of her wares. She gets them from a nearby ferry. And we strike a deal with her to take us to the ferry where we can do more trading. She warns us that we won’t be able to escape from there. But perhaps we can find a way to better our prospects!

But soon we will make our way to the Ferry. Where hopefully there are inns and crackling fires and stories to be told and women to be bedded.

Perhaps we won’t come back and will simply make our life in the forest of hope.


JamesWertz StefaniOdomWertz

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