Jarl Asgar

Skati of the Ice Blades, VĂ©urr to Hel Hold


The vile criminals of the lands below the Kodars are sent to Jarl Asgar. It is his task to feed Hel Hold, a place where the twisted creations of wicked gods are vomited up to our lands. He grins, and reminds the ill-fated murderers that they have avoided the gallows in the south and that they may survive their task. It is their judgement to be tested by the Pit.

Fehu.gif He calls to the Marksmaster who sets the brand to glowing coals and burns your skin with the gods mark of luck.

Your gear is handed to you, wrapped in a grey wolf’s coat. A whirlwind engulfs you, blinding you to all the world for several moments. When it clears, you stand on a frozen field of graves sunken deep into the land. The crumpled parchment in your frozen fingers commands you to protect the innocent you wronged, and go into Hel carving a path of righteousness among the wicked.


Jarl Asgar

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