A half-orc ranger - deceased


Sent to the Hel Hold for crimes against the House of Ulder, Grom was accompanied by three others marked with the Fehu. Within minutes, the criminals scattered and attempted to flee the graveyard where they had been sent by Jarl Asgar. Grom watched as they were slaughtered by the undead roaming the burial mounds.

Make for the Mausoleum. Asgar had said to find shelter immediately. Inside the stone temple dedicated to some ancient hero, he found a wizened man crying over the slain body of a young woman. Probably his daughter, given the age difference. The old man weeped for his loss heavily. Grom could hardly stomach the weakness, so he told the man to pray to the god of luck, for which he had been marked, to return the woman to life.

It was a satire, but the grey beard began incantations that surprisingly took effect! As fire began to race along the old man’s limbs, Grom understood the price to be paid was an ultimate sacrifice. Still, it was good to know that the brand of luck could be invoked…even at a great price.

Grom wished the old man had opened his burning eyes long enough to sear into his mind the image of those other thieves dropping their own companion’s body in place of his beloved. The bitter irony tasted sweet in Grom’s mouth.


Died in the southern mausoleum when he couldn’t do 1hp of damage to a skeleton


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