Odo Bristleback

Bristleback Inn's Proprietor


Bristleback’s Inn is the sort of place one would expect to find in a remote settlement. A cracked and peeling wooden sign creaks from its iron bracket by the door, showing a picture of a wild boar in badly-faded paint. It is an old building, small for an inn, and is not in the best of repair. Room and board costs 1 gp per night, with an extra silver piece charged for stabling a horse or mule. Odo Bristleback, the innkeeper, owns and operates the entire settlement of Zelkor’s Ferry, a business that has been in his family for generations. He hires the guards for the fort,
and collects rent from the smith, the merchants, and the necromancer. Other members of the inn’s staff include Odo’s wife Amelia, two serving wenches named Ysbel and Tallie, and Gumbel the Cook. With the exception of Odo, all the inn’s staff are normal humans.


Odo Bristleback

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