Frozen Midnight

Synopsis of the Mausoleum (West)

Shelter was found. Inside was a branded criminal with the mark of luck, who had found a way to invoke the brand as if it contained magic. He traded his life for the life of his dead partner, whose female body lay at his feet. Just as he was about to raise the dead by laying his hand upon her, Welsteril threw Meklor’s body in the path and the magic was expended on the monk. The cleric was then consumed in flames.

The party stayed the night, but nothing attempted to gain entry to eat them.

Meklor had a strong thirst, then discovered water would not slack it. He felt like he wanted the blood coursing through the veins of his living companions.

The party searched for secret passages in the crypts built into the stone pews. They did not find any, but one of the entombed dead was wearing +1 leather with endure elements (cold). Ben took it and gave Grom his +1 leather armor. Grom switched armor.

The party has decided to investigate the cross and stone carvings, then make for either the southern or eastern mausoleum.


JamesWertz JamesWertz

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