Frozen Midnight

The Town of Zelkor's Ferry

Rivertown on the Swamp Cut River

This is a small trading post and fortified inn, surrounded by an ancient and crumbling stone curtain wall with wooden guard-towers that were clearly built in later years for added defense. The gates of the fort are closed and manned by two bowmen who scrutinize the adventurers closely, but since most visitors to Zelkor’s Ferry are armed and dangerous-looking they are unlikely to bar the party from entering unless the characters do or say something extremely stupid. Ten kobold skulls have been nailed to the gate as a mild warning to would-be attackers.

You’ve come to realize that the tavern owner, Odo Bristleback, runs the rivertown. He’s not so much a Vinni as he is a landlord for those who have gathered on the peninsula. He hires the guards and pays them from the rent and tax he collects from those who are protected within the stone wall of Zelkor’s Ferry.

Zelkor’s Ferry is a landing for Keelboat Captains plying their trade on the Swamp Cut River. The men working the river live aboard but spend their coin in town. They trade with old Rasmus Pye, owner of the general post.

The small town boasts a broad range of services, having to fend for itself months at a time when the winters bear down hard. Bristleback Inn stores what food is harvested and collected for tough times. Meals can be purchased as well as moderately comfortable rooms. Big Morgan’s Smithy provides metalworks for daily life, though he has demonstrated some skills in armor and weapon repair as well. Rekkr warriors live in a large barracks, though Odo Bristleback says there used to be more of them before the Gnolls began camping to the southwest. Ulman Dark lives in an old lighthouse tower by the shore, practicing his herbalistic version of necromancy. Nothing he does is cheap or clean, or effective. But it’s better than remaining injured.


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