Frozen Midnight

What Could Go Wrong?

The Mouth of Doom didn’t look too deadly. One of Zelkor’s riverboat Captains offered to bring you upstream and deposit you on a nearby landing so you could avoid any Gnolls. That worked out well, but the destination was still creepy and probably deadly.

The outside of the ruin was made to look like an enormous cavern, flanked by fleshless priest statues. A deep descending tunnel eventually lead to an underground chamber, obviously built by men and long deserted. The chamber had several exits, and most of those turned out to be trapped. Pits, a portcullis that almost imprisoned Meklor, and a magical mouth spouting portents of doom made the whole experience unpleasant.

The ruined contained twisting maze-like corridors and several rooms once used for all manner of nastiness. Then came the fiery giant cobra.

What looked like a vast chamber of worship was awash in the glow of green fire erupting from a pair of braziers. Its tall ceiling was held in place by strong pillars, carved with unholy figures performing carnal acts of sin. At the far end of the room there lay a giant snake wreathed in flame, and it smelled the approaching food…er…heroes.

Most of the crop fell in behind Meklor, using his magically-enhanced body as a meat shield against harm. But a band of bandits had been following the party down the halls, waiting for them to become involved in a fight so an advantage could be won. The giant snake seemed a good enemy-of-my-enemy.

The bandits engaged Barak with a shield and bow tactic, attempting to distract him with a hard defensive line of shields


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