Frozen Midnight


My favorites!

So, we barely got a mo to savor the moment of dragon slaying when we hear an angry horde of giants making their way towards us.

It starts with a lot of them but Silly crushes half of them in a wind tunnel. Shalelu and I put down a bunch of them easily. Sherby lights some on fire. Melthus gets some licks in.

But in addition to the regular ho-hum giants we kick the crap out of is a big old Rune giant intent on killing us all. Yikes.

I do quite a bit of damage to him, but I remain too close and get singed and zapped. Silly casts destruction on him twice! And I finish him while Not PieHole dances around taking selfies of himself with the corpse.

He has another ring. So that’s good. We have choices to face the twins or some other nasty minion. We’re going to sleep on it.


JamesWertz StefaniOdomWertz

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